best watch winder
best watch winder

3 Best Watch Winder Safe Products by Billstone Watch Collectors Should Have

Billstone is well-known as one of the most popular watch winder box brands. This brand has simple and luxurious designs. The features of the winder box are also effective enough to maintain and protect automatic watches. Here, we have the best watch winder safe by Billstone you can use.

Watch Safe Compact 4

Watch Safe Compact 4 is a multifunction watch winder box. You can use this storage not only for maintaining and protecting watches but also for documents and pieces of jewelry. Just like its name, this box has 4 winders for four watches. 

There are three drawers at the bottom of the winders. The manufacturer creates this 685mm x 605mm x 565mm winder box with pearl black and ebony wood materials. That’s why it looks so elegant and luxurious. 

The manufacturer understands that you need an extra security system to keep all your precious assets safe. To achieve this goal, the manufacturer installs a fire and drill resistant wall, along with a security electronic lock.   

Watch Safe Compact 12

Watch Safe Compact 12 is another best watch winder safe by Billstone for those who have up to 12 automatic watches. Just like the 4-version, the Watch Safe 12 winder box also has a drawer. The space of the box is for the winders so it only consists of one drawer. 

You are about to put your watch collection in a 685mm x 605mm x 565mm box finished with pearl black and ebony wood. Now, you don’t need to worry about your luxury watches anymore because Watch Safe Compact will protect and maintain them well until you wear them. 

Watch Safe XL 8

The difference between Watch Safe XL 8 and the two winder boxes above is the height. Watch Safe XL 8 is higher than the two products above. The overall dimension is 1735mm x 605mm x 565mm. It is not only a winder but also storage. You can put up to 8 watches and other items in 4 drawers and 1 document drawer. Indeed, it is also the best watch winder safe you should have. 

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