watch winder for 2 watches
watch winder for 2 watches

Analyze 3 Billstone’s Special Characteristics Through Their Watch Winder for 2 Watches Boxes

Billstone can be one of the watch winder box brands on your list. It is because this brand has specific characteristics that other winder box brands don’t have. Learn Billstone’s specialty according to its watch winder for 2 watches products. 

The Way Billstone Chooses Materials

This brand wants to offer something classic and luxurious, but it is suitable for all home interior models. Take Paragon and In Safe for 2 watches as an example. This brand uses high-quality Macassar wood for Paragon and Walnut wood for the In Safe watch winder. 

Both of the materials are durable. Users don’t need special treatment to make these materials look outstanding. The truth is that the texture of the materials makes the box eye-catching and stylish. The manufacturer only adds black piano, high gloss, polished lacquer, and black velvet to improve the appearance of the winder box.

The Use of Touchscreen Control Panel 

Billstone is successfully combining natural materials with technology on its watch winder for 2 watches. One of them is by adding a touchscreen control panel. Indeed, users can set the winder right away and see the latest setting only from the screen. This feature also makes the product suitable for contemporary interior models. It is hard to find other watch winder boxes with a touchscreen control panel. 

The Use of LED Lights

The LED lights system is another feature that may not be found on other traditional winder boxes. Billstone uses this feature in some of their products, including the Paragon winder box for 2 watches. This product applies white LED lights, whereas others use blue LED lights. 

Indeed, the purpose is for improving the aesthetic model. The light also helps you to check the watches without opening the box. Overall, a watch winder for 2 watches with LED lights is attractive, whether for personal or commercial usage.

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