automatic watch winder
automatic watch winder

Do You Really Need a Watch Winder?

A lot of automatic watch owners say that an automatic watch winder is very important to care for the luxury timepiece. This machine keeps such auto mechanic watches ticking and accurate so that you do not have to reset the date and time when it stops working. You might already read the benefits and importance of watch winders. But do you really need one?

What is a Watch Winder?

Watch winders are an electronic object designed to keep automatic mechanical watches fully wound. It can be a great accessory if you are an automatic watches collector or gadgets. It also offers an elegant way to display your watch collection since most of them feature exquisite designs and high-quality materials, such as leather, walnut woods, teak woods, and others. Using watch winders can maintain the value of your precious items.

Automatic mechanical watches are self-winding that contain a rotor. This rotor spins with the wearer’s movement, keeping the watch’s mainspring always wound. This watch also includes a manual windable crown that you can wind when the watch stops working. You must wind the automatic watch before the rotor keeps working to store the natural movement energy for you. Your wrist movement creates enough spin in the watch’s rotor to keep the watch ticking for around 35 hours to 45 hours.

Do You Need a Watch Winder?

If you own more than one automatic mechanical watch, it can be a reason you need a winder. Because it is impossible for you to put on all your watches every day. This tool will give you the peace of mind when you have to leave some of your watch collection at home. But investing in watch winders totally depends on your preference. Will you use your automatic watch every day for a long time? Does your job involve a lot of wrist movement?

Do you think the tool will make it easier for you to wear your valuable watch? If your answer for all these questions is yes, then it is better to invest in an automatic watch winder. Choose the one that meets your watch’s needs. It is better to choose a watch winder that provides various TPD settings. For your information, not all auto mechanic watches need the same TPD or Turns Per Day. Each watch may need a different TPD.

Choosing an automatic watch winder with various TPDs will make sure that your timepiece will not be overwound.

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