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How to Use a Triple Watch Winder

triple watch winder is one of the recommended watch winder boxes with three slots. It is a functional watch winder to save more than two watch collections. There are some steps when you want to use it. 

The Working Principles of A Triple Watch Winder

It is a huge support system to treat your watches correctly. You will invest much in a triple watch winder. If you are not the type of person wearing a watch every day, you will ignore your watch collections. A watch winder is an essential tool to accommodate your watch operating though you don’t wear it. One of the ways is to keep a watch’s accuracy longer. 

  1. Keep Turning 

If you have an automatic watch, it is better to have such a tool. However, you wonder why the working principles of this watch winder. A watch winder is to keep your watch from turning when you don’t wear it. When you don’t wear an automatic watch every day, you keep shaking it. If it is not shaking, it stops operating. If it stops longer, it will be broken. 

A watch must turn and run to make it function correctly. Using a triple watch winder is one of the more steps to take to ensure the durability of your watch collection. It enables you to treat and save it correctly when you don’t wear it. 

  1. Mainspring Functions

Ideally, your watch runs on ¾ mainspring for a long time. It is true that your wrist is a watch winder function. It helps your watch from damage on coupling. In an automatic watch, the mainspring needs 80 to 90 per cent of pressure to make it turn. Normal activity is only turning the main water source for 50 per cent. A triple watch winder will keep your watch turning for 80%. 

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